Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Love When Great Whites Fly!

Isn't the world just awesome indeed! We look around and we see God's finger prints everywhere. We are defiantly seeing it in Lewistown Montana right now because of all the rain we have received and now it is beautiful and green. What do you love about the world? Bear Grylls loves spiders, astronauts love the whole world (but they have a better view anyway). So what do you love? Do you love oceans, mountains, family, sports? Whatever it might be it came to us from Jesus Christ under Gods direction and that is what I love about the world. I love that God and Jesus Christ made this Earth for us to live on, they gave it to us to inhabit. What a great gift, so take a minute and look around at the awesomeness we have around us and tell me what you think. God is love.

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