Friday, December 16, 2011

Let your light shine in!!

So when your standing in a dark room can you see the light slowly fill the room? When your standing in a light room can you see the dark creep in and take over the light? Well, let me answer those so we are on the same page. You can definitely see the light coming into a dark room from either under the door or through the window or many other light sources. But it is not as easy to see the dark creep into the lighted room, it always looks like the dark is at bay. Why does this even matter? Well let me tell you why this matters, let me tell you the point of this conversation! I hope you will find that it is a very important topic because it is to me.
    I ask those questions because light is just like the light of Christ or the gospel and the dark that creeps into our lives is just like sin or evil that sneaks its way into our lives. Picture with me for a second that you are standing in that dark room, and your in that dark room because there are evils in your life that are surrounding you at all time, whether they be drugs alcohol or other things in this world that Satan tries to drag us down with. But you are standing in this room and you can see under the door that there is light out there. It is pretty easy to spot that light when you are in that dark room right? And as you are standing there the door slowly opens and the room is filled with light!! I don't know about you but I like the light a lot more than I like the dark. Now lets pretend you are in a well light room. Where's the dark? You have to purposely be looking for the darkness under the door, but if your not seeking it out it is easy to ignore. Now the door opens and does the darkness cover the light and make it dark in the room? No, the light extends outward into the darkness and makes it easier to see out there.
Isaiah Ch. 60
   Now let us asses this analogy. The light I am speaking of is the light of Christ! When you are surrounded by evil you can notice even the slightest bit of light or the slightest bit of change in your life because of the gospel! The light of Christ even in a small amount can change your life. In my missionary experience of bringing the light into someones life is a completely life changing experience for both sides. On the side of the person in the dark room or the person without the light because they can see the light come into their lives! And on the side of the person in the well lite room or person with the gospel in their lives because they can see how what they have in their lives changed someone else life and it makes them want to share it more often! So i',m asking you if you feel you are in the dark then open the door and let the light in, go to or and see and feel the light and if you have the light share it, open the door and bring light to those in the dark!