Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life Devotions

 All my life I feel that I have been working on the exact same project. That project is a 1970 SS Chevelle. I know what your thinking and I agree, I love that car too. But I feel like it has taken up my entire life, all my money, all my time, and all my energy. However, it hasn't taken all my life it has only taken the last five years of my life. I bought this car because I knew that it would make me happy and I was right. Every time I see a picture of that car or have a flash back to working on that car I get a big smile. So the two main sources of my happiness for the last five years have been my family and my car, but now my car may soon be finished and then what? Yes, it will still make me happy to drive and see and I will always work on it but what will fill that happiness spot when my car is all done? I have asked myself that question for a long time now ever since we took my car to be painted, and last night while lying in bed I came up with the answer. Don't worry about it!! Profound I know, it is human nature to worry about it, whatever it may be. But when you think about it, it all just makes sense, just don't worry about it. Every time I think that I can feel the stress fall away. I'm pretty much just saying be happy with what you have right now. I look at what I have right now and that is serving the Lord for the next couple of months and that made me happy. That I get to be here serving the lord and spreading the gospel of truth and light, to help change peoples life for the better! So don't worry about what will make you happy next, just stop and look around and see what you have right now and see the many ways that it is making you happy and I promise you that you will be happy. I can promise you that you will have a new outlook on life because you wont be waiting for something, you will understand what you have better and appreciate it more. Do these things for yourself.