Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Friday night I was laying in my bed in Dubois, Wyoming and as I was laying there I looked out the window to see the night sky. While looking at the sky I saw two stars in the sky looking back at me. One of the stars was way brighter then the other star. I couldn't help but thinking "gees what a lazy star, here this one is shining bright and showing it's power while this one is barely putting out any light." Then I asked myself why I'm comparing these two stars together there are reasons and possibly light years why that star isn't as bright as that one. I mean that less bright star could be another planets sun or something. I'm no scientist but I do know that there are millions of reasons why stars are of different brightness. The world started flowing into my head and I thought of society today and how we compare ourselves to those around us. We compare ourselves to those: LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Albert Pujols, and some famous actor that i cant think of right now. But the point is, is why do we compare ourselves to those stars around us? Why aren't we happy with who we are and who God made us to be? God made those people with those characteristics and they made the most out of what He gave them. We should also strive to evolve our talents that our Father in Heaven has given us so we to can be someone to look up too. That is another point, we shouldn't want to be those famous people, we should by seeing them want to become better ourselves. That is my challenge to everyone, to find out what your talents are and to magnify them to become the best you can possible become. However, we will not be all we can be without the help our our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so keep Him in your heart as you strive to be better and He will bless you and carry you on your journey through life.

Friday, February 4, 2011


"One great reason why men have stumbled so frequently in many of their researches after philosophical truth is that they have sought them with their own intelligence, and have not sought unto God for that wisdom that fills and governs the universe and regulates all things. That is one great difficulty with the philosophers of the world, as it now exists, that man claims to himself to be the inventor of everything he discovers. Any new law and principle which he happens to discover he claims to himself instead of giving glory to God."
John Taylor, The Gospel Kingdom
That is one of the great down falls of our society, is that we as a nation have forgotten God in our every day lives. We are seeing people take Him out of everything and therefore we forget to give thanks to Him for the things we accomplish. It is not by our own intelligence as mankind that we have brought so many great things to pass but by the mercy and love of God that all these things are possible.