Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stray Hairs? Not on my Watch!

Mine wasn't that bad!
So I'm going to go random here. I just looked in my computer screen and could see my reflection and what did I see? Crazy hairs! A couple stray hairs on my head. Ridiculous I agree. For those who know me I don't like my hair to be touched, even if it only takes 30 seconds to do it in the morning I still don't like it. But that's not the point, the point is is that I had hairs out of order, hairs that were on there own agenda. How do I fix them? Well, either gel or some scissors because there will be no disorderly conduct here! That's a pretty harsh move right? Just straight up cut my hairs for being independent, after I thought about it seemed harsh. Kind of like murdering people for their religious beliefs. That's similar to what the apostles of Christs time went through. They were standing for something different and they were cut off or murdered for it. Even though the comparison  between apostles and stray hairs is a long stretch, I hope that you can make the connection with me. The link in my mind is because the apostles were standing for what they believe in and what they know to be true they were killed. And because my hairs are standing up out of line much like the apostles did (even though they stand for two different reasons and the apostles stood for what is right) they both were cut off. I guess the apostles were the stray hairs of their time. That is my thought for the day I hope it wasn't to random! Live Large!

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